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Game start timer

When a challenger accepts a game offer then the game starts immediately.

1. Game creator doesn't want to play that challenger
-> game creator loses time on resigning and opening up another game offer
-> evil challengers causes disciplination effort for admins and community

2. Game creator is away from the computer while the challenger accepts the offer
-> A) Game creator still plays the game but has less time than his opponent (= unfair conditions)
-> B) Game creator needs to agree with challenger on aborting the game and starting a new one

Implement a countdown timer with an 'Accept' button which starts when a challenger accepts a game offer.


A) Game creator doesn't want to play that challenger:
- creator denies the offer for this challenger for X amount of time
- the Offer ist still open to others
- no new game has to be created
- no time is lost

B) Game creator wants to play that challenger and the countdown has not run out yet:
- game creator accepts and starts game by clicking the 'Accept' button
- Both players start with same amount of time
- rankings are not distorted with unfair games
- game creator is not bound to the computer screen while his offer stands

C) Game creator wants to play that challenger but the countdown has run out already:
- 'Accept' button turns into 'New Countdown' button for the game creator
- Once the game creator returns to the computer he starts a new countdown
- an 'Accept' button appears for the challenger
- the new countdown signals the challenger that the creator is now ready
- now the challenger has time to click the 'Accept' button before the countdown runs out
- if the challenger wasn't at his computer and the countdown has run out he can restart the counter again and (like in the beginning) it's the creators turn

again to accept and start the game
- like this in every game both players will have the same amount of time

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    Michael shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • buffy commented  · 

        i don't think you should be able to "decline" there opponents or I mean they set the settings so they don't have to get handicap challenges like it is currently but I don't think you should be able to decline players with the same rank as you... so many players decline challenges not because they believe another player is "rude" or an "escaper" the but there just afraid to lose.... than they only start playing people they know they can beat :/

      • AdminGabriel Benmergui (CEO, commented  · 

        This is a short version of negotiation. I would separate the issues from the solution.

        Issue #1: refusing a challenger

        This i bet is a mixed requirement with the ability to pick handicap. Except you black list someone, as long as he has the appropiate rank, you dont need a negotiation stage.
        A solution is coming this way, which makes this proposed solution even less appealing to deal with the first issue.

        Issue #2: someone that opened a game might be afk when the game starts.

        That is a definite situation to fix. Thats why there are sounds when the game starts, and we do our best to mark the play tab. Because we run in a browser and not a native client, we dont have the capacity to move the game window on top, interrupting whatever other activity the user is doing. Although even that wouldnt fix the situation where a user opens a game, and plainly leaves the computer.

        However negotiation(or a timer) is not a proper solution to that problem. What has to be avoided is that someone opens a game and is AFK.
        When you use negotiation(or this timer) 2 people could end up asking the same player to play, and they have to wait to see if he answers, and they dont play each other. 3 or more people can get locked into not playing because only one of those is AFK.

        It is a very powerful mechanic to be able to start a game with just a single click. All other current server solutions have had runs and issues with their systems, and this is a new solution. A simpler one.

        Ideally, what i want to happen is that when the game starts noone is AFK, but also AFK users dont make other people wait, preventing other people from playing.

        A user that is afk, shouldnt have a game open at all. But it is a nuisance to open a game, and close it if you fetch a cup of coffee, unless you dont mind your clock to run a bit when the game starts.
        That would point me to believe that the countdown timer would work if it is used only by the game offerer. That is, if a game has been open for say, 3 minutes, and the user didnt do anything, he should be prompted if he is still around, and if he doesnt respond, close his game.

        I will put this under review only for this scenario.

      • Michael commented  · 

        Tetriste, that is a good idea and ties in why my suggestion to block people for a certain amount of time (also indefinitely) from challenging you

      • Tetriste commented  · 

        I think there should also be a way to toggle challenges, I mean by that an auto-ignore. Imagine the poor 9d who gets a ton of challenges once the server gets more crowded

      • Michael commented  · 

        It is not a hassle, actually it is very simple. A negotiation dialogue is more advanced than the game start timer. If you vote for this timer you emphasize that we need SOME type of negotiation as soon as possible.

      • Oceandrop commented  · 

        Mhhh It doesn't seem logical for me to make such a hassle out of this, when "soon" it will be implemented that you can negotiate before the game starts like on other servers.

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